Biomimicry Student Design Challenge
Project image of Mocan
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Team: Aban

Members: Diana Carolina Vega Basto, Shirley Karine Molina Couoh, Alvaro Buenfil, Jesús Iván Toto Tun, and Iván Leonardo Ek Rodríguez

Universidad Autónoma de Yucatán, Mérida, Yucatán, MX


2014 BSDC Finalist
Excess circulating motorized vehicles , often circulate 5 seater cars with only one person in them , causing a waste of energy and pollute the environment ; therefore propose an alternative for this problem implementing a new form of transportation without combustion engine that will promote more people or cargo stably and safely than current non-motorized individual transport . Currently in Yucatan tricycles labor and transport , driven based on a pedal and a box at the front where you can carry cargo or passengers, but this option has its disadvantages are used because its large size makes it very heavy and unstable and therefore it is slow and difficult to maneuver which caused many accidents in the streets with these vehicles. Then we decided to analyze how animals move and all they struck two strategies: the millipedes moving alternating legs in their segments in a wave motion and the snakes are able to move without extremities due to serpentine movement and arrangement of its scales to be inclined to give them traction with the ground and allows them to propel you forward MOCAN is a new transportation option that emulates the undulating movement of the segments of legs of millipedes for turning a lever can only move a motion that simulates a snake ; Also , the system uses the same tire strategy snake scales for traction complement system MOCAN is a new non-motorized transportation option that uses force user for rotate a lever that generates the movement of the axis of the wheels and offset. Lets bring stable and more secure way to passengers and / or cargo transport current without motor. As the segments in millipedes , MOCAN can become a system by combining several units , one after another, in order to increase their strength and ability MOCAN is an innovative transportation option that is environmentally friendly , affordable, easy to use , stable, inspired by nature and we believe it is a good alternative to reduce the excessive use of cars and other accidents caused by vehicles non-motorized .