Biomimicry Student Design Challenge

Congratulations to the Winners!!

It’s a tie!

Our judges deliberated long and hard but ultimately decided to award a tie for first place to the teams from McGill University, Canada, and the Universidad Autónoma de Yucatán, Mexico.


The Canadian team’s design for the “Air Ballast Biomimetic Cargo Ship” addressed problems associated with invasive species in the ballast water of trans-ocean cargo ships. Their design, inspired by fish swim bladders, uses air instead of water to regulate buoyancy and could reduce the threats posed by invasive aquatic species around the world. The Mexican team’s design, “Mocan,” is a novel human-powered vehicle design for carrying cargo. It was inspired by the mechanics of motion in millipedes and snakes. The tied teams will split the cash awards for first and second place.

Third Prize

Our judges awarded third prize to a team from California State University, Long Beach, for their design, “Vibrisee,” an illuminated safety system for bicyclists inspired by whiskers and bioluminescent aquatic organisms.

Honorable Mention

Additionally, the judges wanted to give special recognition to another team, which also addressed cargo shipping and ballast water. They awarded an honorable mention to “The Febrile Response Ballast Water Treatment System” from Harvey Mudd College.

Autodesk Sustainability Award

The final award of the competition went to a team from Singapore University of Technology and Design. They captured the Autodesk Sustainability Award of $1,000 for their use of Autodesk product SketchBook Express to create all of the drawings in the animated pitch video for their concept, which came up with a new concept for more efficient rural transport by emulating aspects of the human digestive system.

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